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Damage to the sidewalks violates the rules and regulations of the NYC DOT. According to the Department of Transportation, sidewalks must be in their best condition at all times and should not have any damages that can cause pedestrians to slip, trip, or fall. The most common damages that lead to DOT sidewalk violations include cracks, uneven concrete slabs, damages caused by tree root growth, potholes, and missing slabs. After receiving a violation notice from the NYC DOT, you only have 75 days to remove the violations.

Trust Sidewalk Repair Manhattan for DOT Sidewalk Violation Removal

We are a team of experts well-versed in removing DOT sidewalk violations using unique techniques, the latest technology, and high-quality equipment. Our knowledge of the local rules and building codes and over two decades of experience allow us to identify the violations and provide optimal repair and replacement solutions.

Our Sidewalk Removal Process

Let us tell you about our step-by-step process for sidewalk violation removal. It will help you better understand how we make our sidewalks free from violations and accessible to everyone.

Discussion With Our Clients
When you reach out to us, we will examine the violation notice and discuss your requirements in detail.

Planning the Violation Removal Process
After a detailed discussion, we inspect your sidewalks and make a repair plan.

Permit Acquisition
After detailed planning of the repair process, we apply for necessary permits on your behalf and ensure that everything is in order with the local authorities.

Repair or Replacement
Depending on the condition of your sidewalks, we provide repair or replacement services. While providing our services, we ensure that everything abides by the city codes.

Final Inspection and Documentation
After completing the repair or replacement process, we schedule the final inspection with NYC DOT. Moreover, we provide them with documentation and proof that the sidewalk violations have been removed and the repairs comply with the rules and regulations of the city.

Once violations are removed, NYC DOT stamps the work and provides approval. Now you can have peace of mind knowing that your sidewalks are not a slip or trip hazard for pedestrians.

Remove Your Sidewalk Violations Today

Trust us for efficient sidewalk violation removal and durable and aesthetically appealing sidewalks. Give us a call and get a FREE quote today. You can now hire our services in NYC and the neighboring areas, including Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx.

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