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Concrete sidewalks are an essential part of the infrastructure of NYC. People frequently use them to safely move from one place to another while avoiding the heavy traffic on the road. Despite being the strongest material, concrete can deteriorate over time due to numerous environmental factors. Repairing concrete sidewalks promptly is essential to ensuring their functionality and safety for everyone.
Sidewalk Repairs Manhattan is your go-to choice in NYC for remarkable sidewalk repair and replacement services. You can hire us for all types of sidewalk services, whether you are in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, or the Bronx.

When to Hire Our Services?

If you have received a DOT violation notice from NYC DOT or have noticed the damaged sidewalks yourself, you can reach out to us for sidewalk inspection and repair services. Let us tell you about the signs of damaged sidewalks that can lead to severe trip-and-fall accidents.

Cracks in the Concrete
Cracked sidewalks can lead to foundational problems and cause people to trip. Moreover, minor cracks can further cause concrete pitting, staining, and flaking. If the cracks are small, we repair them by filling them with concrete. However, for major cracks, we replace the whole concrete slab.

Uneven Concrete Slabs
Concrete slabs can become uneven due to the damaged soil. Whether the soil is dry, shrinking, wet, soft, or poorly compacted, it can cause the concrete slab to rise or sink. For uneven slabs, we completely replace them by lifting the existing slab and fixing the soil beneath.

Damaged Curbs
Curbs keep the road separate from the sidewalks. If the curbs are not present, vehicles can come onto the sidewalks and pose a risk of accidents for pedestrians. We provide repair, replacement, and installation of curbs in NYC while abiding by the rules and regulations of the city.

ADA Compliance
The American Disability Act states that sidewalks must be accessible to people with disabilities. While providing our sidewalk repair, replacement, and installation services, we ensure to install sidewalks and curb ramps so that people with disabilities can use the sidewalks without any worry.

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You can trust our team of experts for remarkable sidewalk repair and replacement. Reach out to us today with your sidewalk-related issues and we will assist you with efficient advice.

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