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Concrete driveways are a popular choice among residential property owners because of their durability but like any other material, they can also deteriorate over time. Damaged driveways, whether they are slightly damaged or extensively damaged, can reduce the value of the property, minimize the aesthetic appeal, and lead to wear and tear on the tires. Just like any other concrete structure, concrete driveways can crack, have an uneven surface, and show potholes. Moreover, you might also notice stains on your driveways due to the oil, grease, or any other chemical.

No More Damaged Driveways with Our Repair and Replacement Services

There are numerous types of damaged driveways that we repair and replace. From sealing the cracks to repairing the potholes and resurfacing the driveways, we specialize in all types of driveway services.

Driveway Crack Repair
Cracks, whether major or minor, can cause rainwater to pass through and pool beneath the concrete surface, leading to soil damage. Moreover, during the winter, the water can freeze and expand, causing extensive damage to the concrete surface. To repair these cracks, we first wash the surface and then fill the cracks using resurfacing material. If the cracks are big and the water has damaged the soil beneath, we completely replace the driveway concrete.

Driveway Pothole Services
Potholes in the concrete surface can not only reduce the aesthetic appeal of the property but also cause damage to the tires of the vehicles. To avoid issues related to the potholes, we provide extensive repair services. If the potholes are large, we provide a complete replacement of the damaged concrete using high-quality material.

Driveway Resurfacing
For minor damages to the driveways, we provide resurfacing services. During concrete resurfacing, we apply a new layer of concrete or asphalt over damages, including cracks, discoloration, or stains.

Concrete Driveway Leveling
To level the sunken driveways, we use the slab jacking or mud jacking technique to inject a mixture of concrete and water under the damaged surface. Concrete leveling is an effective and quick way to restore unleveled concrete driveways.

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